Sentera Announces NDVI Livestream Capabilities for Double 4K Sensor

Sentera Double 4K UAV SensorSentera today announced the upcoming release of LiveNDVI Video: livestreamed NDVI video via Sentera’s Double 4K sensor. This breakthrough technology will offer agronomists worldwide the fastest way to make decisions and specify inputs based on complete, real-time data. Sentera’s Double 4K “little green sensor” processes Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data in-flight, on the sensor, and livestreams NDVI video directly to the user’s mobile device on the ground, the moment it’s captured.


“This is a great new tool for agronomists and other advisors,” said Eric Taipale, CEO of Sentera. “Users have been limited in what they could immediately take away from sensor data while they’re still at the field’s edge. With the Double 4K’s LiveNDVI capability, these users get definitive NDVI data on the entire field immediately, and with complete confidence. It could not be faster, and it costs less than traditional methods of data collection.”

Capabilities like LiveNDVI continue to reduce the time and expense associated with lower-value data collection tasks. By collecting higher-quality data faster and less expensively than ever before, agronomists can focus on high value advisory and prescriptive tasks, bring more acres under management, and provide better advice, to more growers, at a lower cost.

Greg Emerick, executive vice president of Sentera, enthused: “Our engineers have perfected the output of the Double 4K. They developed a solution that captures precise crop health data, performs algorithms on-board the sensor in-flight, and pushes the data to the ground as soon as it’s captured.”


Sentera’s Double 4K sensor is the only sensor that livestreams NDVI video, packing a lot of power in a tiny, efficient, lightweight package:

  • Integrated Snapdragon processor
  • Integrated inertial measurement unit (IMU)
  • 128GB of onboard storage
  • 12 MP high-precision near-infrared (NIR) sensor
  • 12 MP high-resolution color (RGB) sensor
  • Real-time 4K video at 30 frames of per second

LiveNDVI Video is offered exclusively with Sentera’s Omni quadcopter and Phoenix 2 fixed-wing drones. Compatible UAV platforms are distributed exclusively through Dynamic UAV Solutions.

The Double 4K with LiveNDVI Video capability will be available February 1.

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