Florida Grower Editor Talks Drones In Farming

Florida Grower Editor Talks Drones In Farming

I’m a gadget guy, so stories like this month’s cover (Drones In Agriculture) excite me about how current and future technology will be put to use in agriculture, writes Florida Grower editor Frank Giles over on GrowingProduce.com.


The notion that we would have unmanned aircraft flying over our farms, scouting crops for various reasons is truly a remarkable sign of innovation.

It is easy to see how UAVs will integrate into precision agriculture operations when the various regulations are sorted out with the FAA. Along with these technologies, come a tremendous amount of data in the saved images and records of fields and their applications. Big data is the catchphrase used to describe this information.

As these technologies advance, there have been concerns about who owns or has the rights to access all of this big data collected by agriculture technology providers (ATPs). Does the grower have sole ownership? After all, it is his or her land that is generating the information. Or, do ATPs have some rights to this information as well, because without their technology, the data would not exist?

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