XAG Launches XPlanet Agricultural UAS at XAAC 2019

XAG Annual Conference 2019 (XAAC), themed ‘Empowering the Next-Gen Farmers’, was hosted on 28 October in Guangzhou, China, according to a company release. It brought together 1,300 people, including XAG’s strategic partners, solution providers, agricultural experts, and renowned media from 30 countries, for interdisciplinary collaboration. XAG, a leading global agriculture technology company and industrial UAS manufacturer, announced the all-new XPlanet Agricultural UAS at the conference, once again setting new standards for drone technology and redefining the future of agricultural production.


Justin Gong, Co-founder and Vice President of XAG, kicked off the conference by presenting the rapid development of China’s agricultural drone industry and the significant role that XAG plays in it. During the past three years, XAG’s UAS crop protection services have covered 20 million hectares of global farmlands. The market penetration rate has been exponentially growing in China’s 29 provinces.

XAG has also introduced its crop spraying drones into 38 countries and collaborated with local business partners to promote precision agriculture technology.

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