RapidEye Picks Up First African Distributor

RapidEye Picks Up First African Distributor

Geospatial solutions provider RapidEye recently announced that it has signed on with German GeoConsultants Group (3G) to be its distributor in Libya and Tunisia.


John Ahlrichs, Vice President of RapidEye commented, “We are very pleased to have 3G join our global distributor network as our first distributor in Africa. We know their extensive consulting experience and their understanding of the North African market will prove invaluable in developing wide area mapping and monitoring opportunities in these diverse North African nations.”

Karem Ben Khaled, Executive Director at 3G said, “We are very excited to become RapidEye’s distributor. To our customers in Libya and Tunisia, the RapidEye satellite system provides unique capabilities and benefits for environmental and especially agricultural monitoring, but also for the rapid and accurate topographic mapping for very large areas.”

Currently, RapidEye continues to build its worldwide network of distributors to facilitate access to RapidEye products in their customers’ own language and region.


For a full list of RapidEye’s distributors visit www.rapideye.de/distributors.

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