Nutrien Ag Solutions Customer Portal To Feature BASF’s xarvio Scouting Tool

Nutrien Ag Solutions is demonstrating its drive to collaborate with key industry partners with the announced addition of  BASF’s xarvio SCOUTING application within its Customer Portal. The app is designed to enable growers and agronomists to “instantly and accurately identify weed and disease threats in their fields,” according to a press release announcement.


Nutrien Ag Solutions Customer Portal To Feature BASF's xarvio Scouting Tool

“Through our joint efforts, BASF and Nutrien Ag Solutions can help change the industry by providing growers with the products, services and now digital tools to support their success,” said Paul Rea, Senior Vice President, BASF Agricultural Solutions North America. “We are proud to have the robust technology of the xarvio SCOUTING app featured on the Nutrien Ag Solutions Customer Portal. In addition, we are exploring further collaboration opportunities with Nutrien, including the xarvio FIELD MANAGER which offers field- and even field-zone-specific independent agronomic advice to optimize crop production.”

xarvio SCOUTING is designed to allow end-users to detect in-field stress with the click of a photo, and is capable of determining weed presence, recognizing diseases, and quantifying leaf damage. The app is powered by AI algorithms that are designed to improve precision and functionality through machine learning and data sharing.


“We are pleased to further our collaboration with leading agricultural companies such as BASF via our Customer Portal,” said Mike Frank, Nutrien’s Executive Vice President and CEO of Retail. “Our goal is to become the ag retailer of the future and partnerships with innovators such as BASF’s xarvio Digital Farming Solutions help enable us to provide more value to our customers.”

Nutrien’s goal is to build an open digital ecosystem that “leverages deep agronomic data science and leading-edge technology to help growers achieve the best possible outcomes on their farms,” according to information from Nutrien.

“As we build out our open digital ecosystem, we are constantly developing best in industry tools, both internally, as well as seeking apps and tools from across the industry,” said Sol Goldfarb, Vice President Digital Strategy at Nutrien Ag Solutions. “These tools help improve growers’ results and we’re excited to be able to feature the xarvio SCOUTING app on our Nutrien Ag Solutions Customer Portal.”

The two companies indicate that they plan to expand their collaborations and are actively exploring further digital tools, such as the agronomic intelligence currently featured in the xarvio FIELD MANAGER. This solution would give growers further access to timing and variable rate map applications in various crops for weed, disease and better pest management.

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