India to Set Up Cloud-based Digital Platform to Provide Ag Solutions for Farmers

Seeking to provide a precise solution to a complex farm-related problem to farmers at their doorsteps, the Indian government has planned to set up a cloud-service — called ‘FarmerZone’ — where right kind of agri data will be collated, analyzed and then distributed to take care of day-to-day needs of farmers, writes Vishwa Mohani on


Data related to weather prediction, disease and pest surveillance and control, soil nutrition, irrigation needs, seed selection, credit linkages, and market access will be used for the developing the cloud-based platform.

The concept is conceived by the department of biotechnology (DBT) of the science ministry, taking lessons from similar digital platform available to farmers in the U.S., Israel, and European countries.

“The department has collaborated with different national and international stakeholders and industry partners, including Infosys and Microsoft India, to set up the ‘FarmerZone’ using cutting-edge technology,” said an official.



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