From Apple Picking to Security Details: Six Israeli Companies Developing Specialized Drones

Over the past few years, drones have really taken off, going from a pastime for flight enthusiasts to a not-uncommon household gadget, writes Adi Pick at CTech. But the potential for the small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) does not end with taking elaborate selfies or accidentally shutting down London’s Gatwick airport.


Drones can be used for an array of tasks, in fields as versatile as security, agriculture, retail, and last-mile deliveries. Below are six Israeli companies developing drones capable of completing complicated tasks.


Year founded: 2016

Funding to date: $10 million, according to Pitchbook data


Field: agritech

Founder: Yaniv Maor

Tevel Aerobotics Technologies develops autonomous drones equipped with a one-meter long mechanical claw that can pick fruit, or be used for thinning and pruning tasks in orchards. Tevel’s drones are equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities that let them identify fruit types, blemishes, and the fruit’s level of ripeness. While the company’s current version is only able to pick apples and oranges, Tevel is working to expand its drones’ capabilities to include additional fruits such as avocados and mangoes. In addition to its fleet of drones, Tevel intends to offer its own fleet management software, which collects and tracks data such as the fruit yield of each tree in the orchard as well as fruit quality.

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