AeroVironment Donates 90 Quantix Drones and AV DSS Ecosystems to 35 U.S. University Agriculture Departments

AeroVironment, Inc., a global leader in unmanned aircraft systems for both defense and commercial applications, has announced its 2019 Quantix and AV DSS University Collaboration Project, according to a press release at Business Wire. The project’s focus is to advance academic research, applications, and crop production practices to improve the future of farming through the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced data analytics.


Through the project, AeroVironment has donated 90 Quantix hybrid drone and AV DSS ecosystems to the agricultural departments of 35 universities throughout the U.S., including Purdue University, The Ohio State University, Cornell University, University of Louisiana-Monroe, University of Florida, University of Georgia, North Dakota State University, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and many others.

Participating universities will employ AeroVironment’s Quantix hybrid drone and AV DSS data analytics platform in a variety of in-field trials, application usage studies, and precision agriculture systems research covering areas such as crop nutrient and input management, artificial intelligence for detecting weeds, pests and diseases, and improved accuracy of crop yield prediction. Participating universities will share their hands-on experience, along with use-case insights that can improve in-field performance and advance the adoption of drone-based technologies for the agriculture industry.

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