PrecisionAg Institute: Plenty Of Promise In The Year Ahead

PrecisionAg Institute: Plenty Of Promise In The Year Ahead

Since 2006, the PrecisionAg® Institute has stood by one principle: that broader technology adoption in agriculture will lead to a more efficient, profitable, and sustainable future for crop and food production. Through research, advocacy, and education, the Institute’s work informs and influences leaders and decision-makers throughout agriculture, champions excellence in the ag technology field, and seeks solutions to the challenges facing precision agriculture technology adoption.


The PrecisionAg Institute has helped bring together a fractured and highly competitive industry to discover what we have in common, and what we can all do to improve the speed and depth of technology adoption in agriculture.

This remains the Institute’s main mission, but with the evolution of companies and technologies and the exponentially broadening interest in precision agriculture, the Institute has widened its focus to include:

■ Championing exceptional individuals and organizations in precision technology through the PrecisionAg Awards of Excellence. Since 2007, 39 individuals have received one of four awards that are selected annually and presented at the InfoAg Conference.

■ Sharing data and information about the benefits of precision agriculture to federal lawmakers and regulators through participation in the Coalition To Advance Precision Agriculture (CAPA). This 19-member coalition represents a wide cross-section of the ag industry, including farmers, service providers, and manufacturers.

■ Conducting farmer and service provider research to identify roadblocks and opportunities as technology intensifies in agriculture. Research results provide the foundation for ongoing PrecisionAg Institute communication and outreach initiatives.

■ Developing educational opportunities in-person and online — including events, webinars, and special reports — that help the industry find solutions to perplexing technology challenges.

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