Lightbar Boosts Precision Interest For Deere

Lightbar Boosts Precision Interest For Deere

While there is a significant contingent of growers out there who are precision technology enthusiasts, there is still a significant group of growers who’ve kept their powder dry. Getting the growers out there who have not yet adopted precision technology to give it a look is a key goal for manufacturers.


When John Deere Ag Management Solutions introduced the GreenStar Lightbar last year, it was in response to grower research that revealed three major obstacles to grower adoption: perceived complexity, lack of understanding of the benefits of precision technology, and price.

Deere AMS’s Kyle Collins said that the high level of interest in the lightbar has been surprising. “When we put the ad out there that you could purchase a StarFire 300 and a GreenStar LightBar for $1400, customers started calling our dealers,” he said. Customers not only bought the system, but it started a conversation about technology between growers and Deere dealers.

“Deere customers that would not have otherwise called a dealer about a technology product were calling in,” says Collins. And some of the conversations have led to discussions about some of the more sophisticated technologies available, allowing dealers to educate customers on the benefits of higher end technology.


For more information on Deere AMS precision offerings, visit the web site.

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