Young Farmers in Zambia Turning to Digital Technologies

Young Farmers in Zambia Turning to Digital Technologies

Across the globe farmers are turning to digital technology and one place rich in new ideas is Zambia where young farmers in the Kazungula, Mungwi and Choma areas are putting in place radical new approaches, writes Tim Sandle on


Digital tools are starting to transforming agriculture. Much of this is centered on gathering data, and analyzing it, in order to make the necessary agronomic insights for precision farming. The idea of precision farming, as an essay published on the Forbes website explains, is a shift from the traditional concept of a farmer uniformly applying seeds, fertilizer and other inputs to a field; towards using data analytics to map the farming process with devices like soil sensors. Such devices can inform the farmer as how to and when to best plant seeds and fertilizer. By doing these tasks at a variable rate, according to soil characteristics then better crop yields can be obtained. Drones can also assist in the surveying of fields and the gathering of appropriate farming related metrics.



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