Janzen: Ag Data Use Policies Are Good for Farmers

Janzen: Ag Data Use Policies Are Good for Farmers

A number of ag tech companies have developed ag data use policies. Others are working on these. This is a good trend and will benefit farmers, writes ag tech attorney Todd Janzen in his latest blog post.


“Data Use Policies” (some companies have other names for these) attempt to answer farmers’ questions about “what happens to my data” in one single document. But before your ag tech company drafts its data use policy, it should define its guiding principles for ag data. This post explores how other companies have done this, with some advice at the bottom.

A number of industry players have well defined “guiding principles” for how they handle ag data. I’ve collected a few examples that illustrate the point. My thoughts follow:

SST AgX’s Guiding Principles

  • We will not sell your data.
  • We will only share your data with those you ask us to share it with, such as your colleagues, your advisors, and your clients.
  • We have implemented appropriate security safeguards to protect your data in accordance with industry standards.
  • We will not aggregate your data.

To read the rest of Janzen’s breakdown on FMIS data-use policy currently, head on over to The Janzen Ag Law Blog.


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