Brazil: Homegrown Ag-Tech Solutions Are Advancing Precision Agriculture in South America

I recently read an interesting article about Brazilian ag tech startups and what they are bringing to the table for South American producers. The article focuses on seven companies that are developing products to help farmers in different ways, from drones and pest management, to artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The companies in the article are all based in Brazil and are investing millions of dollars in R&D to develop their products so that they can help farmers be more successful and efficient.


Having all these startups based in Brazil will prove very effective in helping farmers in South America because, as we all know, farming is specific to every region around the world. Can North American ag tech companies still have success entering the South American market? Definitely! But I think companies that establish themselves and their product(s) in the region that they are going to be used in have a huge advantage by understanding the usefulness of the product. Brazil and other South American countries are large producers of agricultural products. So for them to keep growing, it will be important for farmers to have easy access to the technology and resources that will serve them best.

The fact that we are seeing Brazil become home for many of these new ag-tech startups shows great promise for the advancement of precision ag in South America. As populations keep growing around the world, producers will need to find ways to maximize the amount of food they are producing with the limited acres that are available, and that is why these companies are going to be so important in the future.


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