PrecisionAg Vision Conference Returns to Seattle in 2020


The VISION Conference has become established as the definitive precision agriculture and digital farming conference for North America. Pictured: Meister Media Worldwide Group Editor Paul Schrimpf moderates a session at the 2019 VISION Conference in Seattle.


Meister Media Worldwide and its Global Precision Initiative have announced the return of the PrecisionAg VISION Conference to Seattle, WA, U.S., January 14-16, 2020.

Now entering its fourth year, The VISION Conference has become established as the definitive precision agriculture and digital farming conference for North America, providing market-tested insights into the changes in precision and digital agriculture that are set to transform agribusiness over the coming three to five years. As organizers of the conference, Meister Media Worldwide can leverage decades of agriculture and horticulture market experience and North America’s global leadership in precision agriculture to provide practical insights that improve the future of today’s agribusinesses.

The conference’s 2019 program brought together senior-level agribusiness professionals and a host of experts from tech, academia, large-scale growing operations, precision service providers, and other stakeholders from more than 130 companies to discuss and explore the probable longer-term impacts of a range of technologies including robotics and automation, sensors, data analytics and management, decision-support systems, broadband, and blockchain.

Attendees also had an opportunity to participate in an exclusive pre-conference IoT for Earth Summit on the campus of VISION Conference partner Microsoft, where the company’s Project FarmBeats personnel previewed plans for agriculture to be fully introduced this year.


Sponsors of the 2019 conference included BUSHEL, EFC Systems, FUSE, SIMPAS, United Soybean Board, and IBM Watson.

“Feedback has been very positive, and a number of attendees told us this was the best ag-tech event they have ever attended,” said James C. Sulecki, VISION Conference chair and Meister Media Worldwide’s Chief Content Officer and Head of Global Precision Initiative. “We’re excited to return to Seattle, which is so unique in that it’s a leading global tech area yet also has ready access to the large growing regions of the Pacific Northwest and West Coast. We’re already making plans for another great event in 2020.”

Learn more at, and stay up to speed on coming announcements regarding the 2020 agenda and presenters via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and the hashtag #VisionConf.

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