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FieldReveal & Agworks


By Ag Retail, for Ag Retail

 When talking about being owned by ag retail, what better way to start the FieldReveal and AgWorks partnership off right than to be part of the same ownership group. In 2020, The McGregor Company, who is the owner of AgWorks, became the 5th retail owner of FieldReveal, joining some of the most advanced ag retailers in the country.


FieldReveal, also owned by Agtegra, CVA, Landus, Winfield United, is a cloud-based precision software package for ag retail. Our precision system helps agronomists work more closely with their growers to manage field data more efficiently using localized agronomy. Placing crop inputs where the grower sees a greater ROI has always been the core of FieldReveal.

  • Management Offerings
    • Zones, Including our Patented MZB Zone Creation Process
    • Grids
    • Hybridized Grid: Grid nutrient maps overlayed on Zone map for Variable Yield Goals
    • Basic Composite
  • Fertility
    • Manage nitrogen applications by nitrogen use efficiencies
    • Phosphorus building strategies
    • Variable rate prescriptions
  • Seed
    • Variable rate
    • Multi-hybrid
  • API Connections
    • Dispatch connections
    • Soil lab connections
    • Wireless transfer for sending Rx directly to the cab
    • Data Silo integration
    • Direct connection to the AgOS and HighQ platforms


AgWorks was formed because they saw the need in the market for better software tools to manage retail agronomy operations. Now, nearly 30 years later, their software suite truly is the foundation for any ag retail operation.


  • AgOS Operations
    • Truly the foundation for growing the Ag Retail Operation of the future. Manages real time inventory, orders, formulation, fleet management and other service and shipping operations.
  • AgOS Mapping
    • Not just another mapping tool, Geo referenced mapping capabilities for customer application, whole field and VR planning.
  • AgOS Schedule
    • A comprehensive logistics solution to easily manage your application fleet with complete mobile control.
  • AgOS Crop Planning
    • Understanding the past is necessary for predictive decision making. A complete agronomy crop planning tool with a strong agronomy sales emphasis that links to operations.
  • AgOS Compliance
    • Makes it easy to comply and keeps your money in the bank. EPA and DOT/HAZMAT compliance as well as asset tracking and application records.


AgWorks also offers the analytics engine, HighQ. The HighQ DSS (Decision Support System) provides the grower with a tool to analyze numerous decisions they made during the growing season and how these variables affect profit per acre.

HighQ provides the user with a completely flexible analytics engine to allow for exporting of data on any attainable data point/s on any geography or in any community. Communities allow for benchmarking and peer comparatives to help organizations and growers make the best decisions possible based off their most imperative variables. Whether it is Yield data, variety, fertilizer applications, or chemical applications,HighQ breaks down the data in simple, easy to read reports for you and your growers to make informed decisions for the future.


FieldReveal & Agworks

11 8th Ave SE
Watertown, SD 57201


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