UX in Ag: What are we Trying to do?

UX in Ag: What are we Trying to do?

As designers, we’ve always considered ourselves outsiders—the unbiased third party in the agriculture world, writes co-authors Kayla Byington and Nick Bray for the UX Design blog.


Our instinct has been to focus on the best solution for growers, and ultimately, that should be the goal of the industry. But we have begun to question whether the solution is grower-focused software, or if their continued dependence on advisers have us chasing the wrong answer.

It was plausible to think that if software could provide tools to help manage their farms, growers would flock to the solution. We heard similar sentiments and believed they would thrive on the data and the immense opportunity that lies within it, especially with the wave of tech savvy millennials taking the reins on the family farm.

So why aren’t growers using the software?

At this year’s PrecisionAg Innovation Series, we repeatedly heard that growers just aren’t logging in. The data is available, the maps are there, and there are strong signs of increased integration (we fully admit it’s still not great)…But this is what they asked for, right? So why, then, were the attendees only reporting login usage between 10-30%?

It’s not useful or usable.

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