University Of Melbourne At Forefront Of Precision Agriculture

University Of Melbourne At Forefront Of Precision Agriculture

Sam Nielsen University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne student Sam Nielsen is learning about precision agriculture at the Dookie campus robotic dairy. Photo: The Weekly Times


Sam Nielsen is a first-year University of Melbourne Bachelor of Agriculture student looking to the future of agriculture in Australia, according to The Weekly Times.

While Sam’s interest in agriculture comes from working on his father’s sheep and dryland cropping farm, he is also interested in agronomy, efficient fertilizer use and how technology can make Australian agriculture more productive and sustainable.

As such, Sam appreciated the opportunity to get hands-on experience at the University of Melbourne’s Dookie campus, a 2,440-hectare agricultural education and research hub in the Goulburn Valley.

“There are crops, cattle, sheep — they’ve even got a robotic dairy where you can load the cows in and they pretty much take care of the rest themselves,” Nielsen said.

The robotic dairy measures the health and productivity of each cow as it is milked.

And automated pastures are automatically calibrated to produce optimum growth using recycled water. Nielsen said he is interested in precision agriculture technologies, which could boost productivity and sustainability on Australian farms.

Read the full story on The Weekly Times.

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