Sensing In The Grain Bin

Sensing In The Grain Bin

Aside from field and equipment-deployed sensing, the other end of the spectrum is sensing in the grain bin. From the perspective of the local cooperative storing and marketing its grower-customers’ grain, success here is absolutely vital in keeping that relationship copasetic.


That’s where IntelliFarms’ 3G Plus Cable sensors and its BinManager system can be leveraged to demonstrate a higher level of service on grain storage, according to Todd Sears, President.

IntelliFarms’ BinManager

IntelliFarms’ BinManager dries, cools and even re-hydrates grain to your targets with precision.

“BinManager uses the temperature and moisture readings coming off the 3G Plus Cable sensors to automate when and how long the fans and/or heaters run to move the grain toward temperature and moisture targets set by the user,” Sears explains.“The system takes on that decision-maker role.”

Another aspect of this grain management ecosystem that should be noted is IntelliFarms’ SureTrack platform, which Sears describes as a “facilitator of communication between the growers and cooperatives.”

“With growers’ consent, readings from the growers’ grain bins can be shared with the cooperative,” he says. “The cooperative can’t manage the grower-owned bins, but with the ability to see what quality and quantity of grains are across its grower base, it can anticipate supply gaps and make business decisions.”

It’s all part of a well-rounded, grower-focused effort from the service provider to help manage as many aspects of the operation as the grower-customer will allow.

“Technology like these sensors is helping to connect the dots between how the seed you select will not only perform in the field under certain conditions, but also how they can be stored for quality, and ultimately, meet premium requirements,” Sears says. “The end goal is always to help growers produce a safe, quality product.”

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