Precision Farming Management: On The iPad With Apps

Precision Farming Management: On The iPad With Apps

Variable rate practices are maximizing farming resources, saving on input costs and improving yields, reports Loretta Sorensen on Yankton Daily Press.


Companies like the United Kingdom’s SOYL are making it ever easier for farmers to effectively use variable rate technology with products like iSOYL, a variable rate management application compatible with the iPad.

SOYL is the United Kingdom’s leading precision farming product company, providing advice, services, and support to growers around the globe wishing to use Precision Farming techniques to improve the economic, agronomic, and environmental performance of their farm business. SOYL aids customers in developing a precision farming system that ensures sustainable production for the future. With more than 40 highly skilled professionals, the SOYL team offers expertise in all aspects of precision farming.

iSOYL is compatible with many farm management software systems and many tractor brands such as John Deere. A smart cable and adaptor connects the app with spreader, sprayer and drill controllers.

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