Overcoming Farming Challenges With Precision Ag Technology

Overcoming Farming Challenges With Precision Ag Technology

From breakthroughs in nutrition, genetics and informatics, to satellite imaging and meteorology, agriculture has seen vast improvements, according to an article on FarmingUK.com.


For the relationship to work, costs and the price of end products must not increase, whilst allowing yields to rise.
This is particularly important moving forward as the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN (FAO) has predicted that in order to keep pace with population growth, food production must increase by 70% by 2050.

The agriculture industry is faced with a number of challenges in achieving these imperatives with limited availability of arable land; global climate change; the growing scarcity of water; the price and availability of energy — particularly from fossil fuels; and the impact of urbanization on the supply of rural labor.

Technology will play a central role in helping to overcome these challenges while ensuring costs are kept to a minimum and this can already be seen with the arrival of precision agriculture in the milking industry, for example.

By combining scientific expertise, soil chemistry and disease management with intelligent sensors and information technology, farmers have been able to simultaneously increase crop yields and reduce waste.

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