MZB Launching New Grid Tool, Updated Mapping Center

MZB Launching New Grid Tool, Updated Mapping Center

MZB Technologies has added an additional tool to its precision system. Known for its patented zone-based precision technology, MZB will now offer grid mapping capabilities. This new tool will be a game-changer for customers who wish to utilize the use of traditional grids or a hybrid of both zone and grid data together, the company claims in a recent press release.


“With the addition of our new grid tool, retailers will be able to further customize the way they use field data to help their growers make the best decisions on their farm,” said Jordan Tackett, MZB Regional Sales Manager.

MZB is a cloud-based precision software package for ag retailers. This precision system helps agronomists work more closely with their growers to manage field data more efficiently and provide variable rate fertility prescriptions as well as multi-hybrid and/or variable rate seed prescriptions.

“Our system is all about boosting productivity while leveraging years of field and soil sample data,” Tackett said. “MZB is accomplishing this by utilizing the power of our web-based MZB software package.”

MZB also recently updated its Mapping Center to support the new upgrade. The MZB Mapping Center is a high-level GIS editing and management tool within the MZB Software Suite. This tool allows retailers the ability to easily manage and edit field borders and integrate data collected from agronomy and precision teams. Grid soil missions of any size, old zone maps, harvest maps, field elevation data, satellite imagery and more can be integrated to develop a complete picture of what is happening across the field.

“As our agronomy footprint increases in size, so do the demands from our producers,” said Brent Wiesenburger, South Dakota Wheat Growers’ Precision Ag Manager. “Having the ability to offer a premium multi-layer zone management system with characteristics of a traditional grid program really expands our flexibility. We’re now in the best position to customize nutrient management programs to fit every customer’s needs.”

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