Tech Sessions Highlight Key Trends

Tech Sessions Highlight Key Trends

The PrecisionAg Institute sponsored a track of five technology-focused breakout sessions at the inaugural Ag Connect Expo in Orlando in January. Topics included traceability technology, on-the-go sensors, variable-rate irrigation, wireless technology in agriculture, and precision planting. Here are some of the session highlights:


Clay Mitchell, a progressive central Iowa corn and soybean grower, shared research he’s conducting on plant spacing on his farm. Mitchell is trying to determine why differences in plant vigor exist from plant to plant where it would appear that virtually identical growing conditions exist.

Jeff Dearborn, technology manager at retailer Jimmy Sanders, Inc. in Cleveland, MS, has created a system whereby all data is transferred between offices, field equipment, and service providers via wireless connection. Last year alone, he estimates efficiency gains to his organization at more than $150,000 in saved time and resources.

University of Maryland’s Josh McGrath discussed how on-the-go sensor technology has allowed a wholesale conversion of much of the Delmarva peninsula to sidedress nitrogen, improving nitrogen use efficiency and reducing runoff into the Chesapeake Bay.

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