2016 PrecisionAg Product Review

2016 PrecisionAg Product Review

For the past few years each spring, PrecisionAg magazine has invited key precision ag product manufacturers and service providers to share with us information on their latest upgrades and newest items. On the following pages, you will find this data, along with select product pictures.



Outback AgJunction

Outback Max, AgJunction

AgJunction predicts that the major trend in the industry that has been evolving over the past years and is now the expected requirement is system compatibility and interoperability. “No longer is it acceptable to force customers into a closed system,” says the company. “Customers have the expectation that the products that they like to use will be capable in working with the systems they use. No matter if we are talking about data interoperability or product interoperability customers should have the right to choose the system they want to use.”

AgJunction is working with several original equipment manufacturer and value-added reseller partners to make sure that its guidance, steering, and application control products are the most user-friendly and open systems on the marketplace. The company is also working to make sure that its products offer the latest in ISO compatibility.

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