Q&A On Solid Set Canopy Delivery Systems

Q&A On Solid Set Canopy Delivery Systems

American Fruit Grower featured the solid set canopy delivery system (SSCDS) in the February 2013 issue of the magazine, writes GrowingProduce.com Managing Editor Christina Herrick.


Matthew Grieshop, an associate professor in Michigan State University (MSU)’s Organic Pest Management lab offers an update on the future of the research program in part due to the delay in passing a Farm Bill.

In 2013, Grieshop also offered Herrick an update via a Q&A on the status of the research.

Q: What have you learned so far?

A: The biggest lessons have been that the system does work using “off the rack” parts. At MSU, we have been getting comparable spray coverage and yields out of plots using our SSCDS and standard airblast application systems. That said the next step that needs to be taken will be to work with micro sprayer manufacturers to simplify the system and make it more grower accessible. We have also learned that a little bit of wind makes our system perform better — dead air is not optimum for good coverage.

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