Garden City Co-op Added as MZB Regional Mapping Center; Two Kansas Coops Sign On with MZB

Garden City Co-op Added as MZB Regional Mapping Center; Two Kansas Coops Sign On with MZB

Garden City Co-op (GCC), through a retailer agreement, has been using MZB Technologies as their precision ag platform for a year. Thanks to the success of the program and continued area growth, GCC has now been added as a regional mapping center. Two more Kansas cooperatives, Great Bend Co-op and Frontier Ag, have also entered into retailer agreements to use MZB as their precision ag platform.


MZB is a cloud-based precision software package for ag retailers. MZB helps growers work more closely with their trusted team of advisors to manage field data more efficiently and provide variable rate fertility prescriptions as well as multi-hybrid and/or variable rate seed prescriptions.
Garden City Co-op serves a nine-county area in southwestern Kansas from nine locations.

“MZB has been a great success this year, because it provides us with a robust precision ag platform for zone mapping with variable rate technology fertilizer and seed prescriptions,” Michael Kempke, Director of Precision Ag for Garden City Co-op, says. “MZB’s multi-layer platform is agronomically superior to anything else on the market and has been well received by our member-owners.”

“Having Garden City Co-op become an MZB Regional Mapping Center will open a lot of doors for both GCC and MZB,” Jordan Tackett, Regional Sales Manager for MZB, says. “They understand the area and know how to manage farmland in their trade area to bring the best value to their customers. The relationships they have with co-ops in the surrounding territory will help bring advanced precision ag to an area that has been wanting this type of technology for a while.”

Great Bend Co-op serves Barton County and surrounding counties from seven locations.

“Great Bend can now offer MZB to our customers as a perfect fit with our precision ag program,” Mark Bauer, Precision Manager, Great Bend Co-op, says. “Our customers are our most important asset, and we are always working to make sure we have the tools to help them be the most efficient with their inputs.”

Frontier Ag is based in Oakley, KS, with 34 locations in 11 counties in northwest Kansas and one county in eastern Colorado.

“MZB will take Frontier Ag’s precision ag program to the next level,” Katie Harness, Frontier Ag Precision Specialist, says. “With MZB’s zone-based management, we can assist our growers to maximize crop production in the most economical and precise way possible.”

“We are excited that Great Bend Co-op and Frontier Ag will offer the MZB system to their growers,” Tackett adds. “They understand the importance of precision ag and can now use MZB technology to help their growers make their best management decisions.”