WxAgrios Integrates With John Deere’s Operations Center, Field Connect

WxAgrios Integrates With John Deere’s Operations Center, Field Connect

Precision Weather Solutions Inc. has announced it is the first company with a commercially available solution, WxAgrios, integrated with both John Deere Operations Center and John Deere Field Connect. Precision Weather Solutions created a set of solutions that integrate data through John Deere Field Connect and John Deere APIs into the company’s suite of meteorology and agronomy solutions for precision agriculture.


WxAgrios features real-time current conditions, hourly precision forecasts, and enhanced radar along with user-driven WxAlerts. Included with a WxAgrios subscription is a suite of agro-meteorological models that produce results generated utilizing site-specific weather data for a customer-selected location such as a field or weather station. Quality measures are applied to collected weather and soil sensor data that is maintained through WxAgrios for future planning and analysis.

Customers with John Deere Operations Center can analyze current and forecasted weather information alongside their field, crop and weather information along with enhanced radar and agronomic models. Growers awaiting the installation of Field Connect or alternative approved weather station can still utilize the solution by accessing weather data available through WxAgrios.

“WxAgrios is a high-performance meteorology solution that offers prescriptive management to growers and crop scientists in precision agriculture,” says Suzi Bonk, CEO, Precision Weather Solutions. “Engagement with John Deere Operations Center and John Deere Field Connect on integrated solutions is a tremendous opportunity that will enhance the value of WxAgrios and the grower experience.”

Advancements in meteorological sciences, specifically weather observation systems and climate tracking technology, have created the ability to capture real-time, site-specific current condition data along with hourly forecasts formulated for the specific location that update each hour. Through WxAgrios, subscribers are able to customize the parameters for weather and soil sensor WxAlerts delivered to any mobile device. WxAgrios for agriculture features nine growth stage and disease agronomic models for comprehensive prescriptive management in precision agriculture.

Growers can subscribe to WxAgrios and complementary solutions through authorized dealers. John Deere Field Connect is available through authorized John Deere Dealers.

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