United Suppliers Partners With SageInsights To Enhance MyAgCentral

United Suppliers Partners With SageInsights To Enhance MyAgCentral

SageInsights is a joint project between John Deere and DN2K to expand the cloud-based software program into a usable workflow platform. The result is MyAgCentral, which turns data into visible information which can be accessed from laptops, smartphones, and tablets and shared in real time. Now United Suppliers joins this business opportunity with ATLAS.


ATLAS is an environment that provides efficiency and visibility between business systems, enabling more informed decisions and greater confidence. ATLAS is based on an enhancement to the MyAgCentral data management platform. ATLAS enhances and dramatically simplifies the ag retail daily business functions by:

  • Streamlining data flow.
  • Operational efficiencies.
  • Providing greater visibility between business systems.

“Through ATLAS, we have integrated multiple partner software solutions, important to our owners, and have plans for several more over the next few months. United Suppliers’ owners have a significant opportunity to increase productivity by understanding and utilizing operational information across their entire business and being better connected to their customers,” said Matt Hesse, Technology Manager. “This partnership with SageInsights enhances our ability to access multiple software systems through one portal to provide the greatest impact on owners’ operational efficiency, data management and customer relationships. ATLAS’s ability to enhance the MyAgCentral platform through multiple integrations, including connectivity to accounting, makes ATLAS different from any other environment available today.”

“SageInsights is pleased to partner with United Suppliers. The ability to connect information from multiple service providers, back office, accounting software and other key systems, makes ATLAS the perfect solution,” said Susan Lambert, Chief Executive Officer, SageInsights. “ATLAS is uniquely developed to help United Suppliers’ owners continue to be competitive and capable, and effectively deliver differentiated services to growers. Also through our joint venture with John Deere, ATLAS users will have access to additional John Deere technologies and integrations making it a completely CONNECTED environment.”

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