John Deere Announces New Crop Reporting Process

John Deere Announces New Crop Reporting Process

“Our goal is to be the leader in developing new technology that will help simplify the lives of producers,” says Don Preusser, President of John Deere Insurance Company.


The new Automated Crop Reporting process benefits producers by maximizing their precision farming technology investment, reducing the amount of time to certify acres and generating more accurate acreage and production reports, says Preusser.

“John Deere is integrating precision farming system technology with our crop insurance processing software to deliver more efficient governmental farm program reporting solutions to producers,” he adds.

In July, the Risk Management Agency (RMA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture officials attended a John Deere field day event and showed interest in the technology. At the event, attendees learned how to capture field data from GPS-guided equipment and saw firsthand how mobile intelligent equipment works to record reliable, accurate acreage and production information. Representatives noted that the agency is looking into the use of automated reports from systems like this one, which could reduce data entry errors and save producers time.

Automated Crop Reporting now adds more value to current GPS field documentation systems along with farm mapping software, and is compatible with other systems to allow even more producers the opportunity to benefit from this new process.

How Automated Crop Reporting Works (John Deere product example)

1. Once the GreenStar system is set up, the producer can use it to document planting and harvest activity.

2. The producer uploads plant and harvest data from GreenStar to Apex using a data card.

3. Once uploaded, the producer uses GSDNet — an Internet gateway that transfers information to and from Apex — to send the information directly to the John Deere crop insurance agent.

4. The John Deere crop insurance agent prepares acreage and production reports for the producer’s review and electronic signature. The agent also can provide map-based reports that can reduce time and effort required to certify acres with the Farm Service Agency.

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