Granular: Non-GMO Crops Can Be Profitable Too

Granular: Non-GMO Crops Can Be Profitable Too

Growing weed resistance, a need to reduce seed costs, and the increasing demand for non-GMO crops from consumer markets are making non-GMO crops a serious consideration for many farmers, writes Granular’s Mike Preiner.


Given that profitability can vary quite significantly between the two types of crops, the decision about what to plant can make the difference between a crop year being profitable or not.

Based on our experience working with farmers, we have found there are five key areas for consideration when making this important planning decision.

  1. Higher premiums for non-GMO crops. In 2015 premiums often ranged from $1 – $4/bu for non-GMO soybeans and $0.2 – $0.4/bu for non-GMO corn primarily due to increased demand. This rising demand, however, is being met by an increased supply, so premiums are likely to stabilize or go down.
  2. Lower cost of non-GMO seeds. Savings from low germplasm costs can range from $10 – $15/acre for soybeans and $40 – $60/acre for corn.

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