GEOSYS, SST Software Collaborate Via The agX Platform To Add In-Season Imagery

GEOSYS, SST Software Collaborate Via The agX Platform To Add In-Season Imagery

GEOSYS In-Season Imagery

GEOSYS’ in-season imagery, delivered through SST Software’s agX Platform, allows users to monitor plant growth and identify actual in-field issues quickly, protecting yield potential and maximizing return on investment. Photo credit: GEOSYS


GEOSYS, a leading global provider of agronomic decision support tools, has announced a collaboration with SST Software to add in-season satellite imagery for users in North America and Australia via the agX Platform, which acts as a portal for users to seamlessly share data. As part of this collaboration, precision farming applications which are compliant with the agX Platform will have access to GEOSYS’ in-season imagery program.

Some companies, such as Cotton Growers Services in Australia, have already seen the benefits of having access to both the GEOSYS and SST platforms, which will be more easily accessible through this collaboration.

“Cotton Growers Services started using GEOSYS imagery products on a broad scale in the 2015-2016 cotton season,” said Reinder Prins, Business Development Director for Cotton Growers Services. “The imagery provides our growers with regular snapshots of their crop and assists us with targeted crop scouting and making the correct crop-management decisions. Images are regularly converted into in-field management zones and are then used for zone-based management instead of treating the whole field as a management zone, for example by way of variable rate growth regulator and foliar fertiliser application. Being able to offer GEOSYS imagery as part of our wider agX offerings to growers, allows us to provide the best possible precision agriculture tools to our clients.”

This collaboration is the latest example of how established, global agricultural organizations are working together to build unique digital solutions for agribusinesses.

“Due to a variety of factors, including the current low commodity prices, it is increasingly important for agribusinesses to have the best tools to assist growers in managing risk and improving efficiencies,” said Damien Lepoutre, founder and president of GEOSYS. “Partnering with an esteemed organization like SST Software gives our clients in all regions confidence in the ability to combine categorically different insights to improve crop management and positively impact yield.”

During the 2015 growing season, the GEOSYS Virtual Satellite Constellation delivered an average of more than 15 in-season Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI) maps per field, across major cropping areas in the United States. The agX Platform will enable users to combine GEOSYS maps with other data sources in one user-interface which retailers, co-ops and growers can use to scout their fields and make decisions about crop input applications.

“The integration of GEOSYS’ high-frequency imagery into the SST system will greatly enhance the offerings of our agronomic partners,” said Matt Waits, CEO of SST Software. “By pairing this new source of data with the soil test, yield and scouting data already being managed in the SST system, agronomists will be more effective at providing actionable insights to farmers.”

GEOSYS and SST intend to make the in-season imagery program available via the agX Store in April of 2016.

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