FBN Expanding, Rebranding Procurement; Launching Price Transparency App

FBN Expanding, Rebranding Procurement; Launching Price Transparency App

Farmers Business Network (FBN), the independent farmer-to-farmer network, today announced the launch of major new technologies and services that expand the network’s agronomic intelligence. FBN also launched its FBN Direct platform and introduced its first products for grain marketing.


Commercially launched less than two years ago, FBN made these announcement amongst more than 1,000 guests at its second annual Farmer2Farmer Conference in Omaha, NE:

  • Launching FBN Direct: FBN Direct combines manufacturer-direct pricing, direct-to-farm delivery, and an independent farmer service network to drive major savings on farm products. What started in ag chemicals in 2015, has now been expanded to provide farmers access to seed treatments, seed, starter fertilizer, farm equipment, and farm services. After successfully making over 1,000 deliveries in 2015, FBN Direct (formerly FBN Procurement) now offers the industry’s best prices and credit terms, and has saved farmers as much as 50% on their input costs.
  • Launching FBN Crop Marketing: FBN Crop Marketing empowers farmers with data to help them understand real-time profitability and connect them with opportunities for their crop.
  • New Agronomic Intelligence Products: With major updates to the FBN Seed Finder and Yield Potential seed selection systems, FBN enables members to find the best seeds for every field and compare actual seed costs, powered by millions of acres of real yields and real invoices. FBN also released a new field-level weather system allowing farmers to understand historical weather patterns on their farm, as well as new precision mapping capabilities for application data and multi-year yield trends.
  • Launching new FBN Prices App for Chemical Price Transparency: FBN Prices is a new app for iOS and Android that allows any farmer to access actual market prices on over 750 chemical products through anonymized chemical price data.

American farmers are facing countless challenges in the future with low crop prices, high input costs, and the unprecedented consolidation of Big Ag. Now spanning more than 10 million acres of elite producers, the FBN network is able to help farmers find new opportunities for profit.

“Farmers are being squeezed on both sides by low crop prices and high input costs,” said Co-Founder & VP of Products, Charles Baron. “Through our agronomic, purchasing, and grain marketing technologies and services, FBN is bringing transparency and profits to level the playing field for independent farmers.”

“The FBN network creates a future for farmers that is independent, data driven, transparent, and fair with real competition for their business. It all boils down to more profits for independent family farms and better outcomes for consumers,” Baron added.

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Gregg Langer says:

Nice launch to your “new” PrecisionAg Professional format. 4 key bullet points and only 1 related to Precision Ag. If you consider direct sales to growers, crop marketing, and price transparency new and innovative please take me off your “cutting edge” newsletter.

Doug Goff says:

I agree with Gregg, FBN direct has no idea of the work it takes to support growers locally and invest in communities and employ local people in our businesses. Rooster.com for those of us that remember, failed miserably. Wonder why?