Farmers Ready For Easing Of Drone Restrictions

Farmers Ready For Easing Of Drone Restrictions

In August, some Alabama farmers might get a bird’s-eye view of their crops and land with the use of drones through new Federal Aviation Administration rules, reports Tyra Jackson on


Jeremy Wilson, of Lincoln, said he has considered purchasing a drone for his field of corn, soybeans and wheat. He hopes to get a better view of his crops from above, to see which areas are in need of more watering.

“I know some people who have them, and I saw what they can do,” he said via phone last week. “It will help me count my field from an aerial view, and help with irrigation.”

In August, farmers will no longer need approval from the FAA for crop surveys, Les Dorr, an FAA spokesman said via phone last week. Beginning Aug. 29, a new small-drone rule called Part 107 will end the requirement for farmers to receive permission.

“It eliminates the need for companies doing precision agriculture to get approval from the FAA,” he said.

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