Farmers Edge Makes Precision Ag Simple

Farmers Edge Makes Precision Ag Simple

Jon Labine of Argyle, MN, is a regional sales representative for Farmers Edge Inc., one of the latest entries in precision agriculture for the Upper Midwest, but a company with more than a decade of history, writes Mikkel Pates on


The Winnipeg, Manitoba-based company is growing. It describes itself as a “big data/big analytics” company, helping farmers and their advisers with precision agriculture and decision-making information. Labine says Farmers Edge does everything from soil sampling to zone management and data analytics, yield application and yield mapping.

“Everything goes back to the software. We bring that back and show precision profit maps, back to the grower and they’re getting a better understanding of how they can get an (return on investment) on their farm today,” Labine says. “It takes the guesswork out of farming. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Farmers Edge promises that farmers own their own data. In this market they can participate by contacting Labine in Argyle directly. In other markets they’ve announced marketing partnerships with independent retailers and input suppliers.

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