DTN Announces New Retail-Focused Data Management Software

DTN Announces New Retail-Focused Data Management Software

As farm data multiplies exponentially, ag retailers need help leveraging the power of big data to better serve their customers and grow their business.


DTN’s newest ag retail solution, DTN Sense, uses proven analytics and management methods to deliver actionable business insights. It interprets order data, uncovers business trends, empowers sales teams, and monitors performance. DTN Sense achieves this by factoring in various data points, including inputs, sales history, precision ag measurements, weather, weed and disease issues, billing, and customer contacts.

“Traditional retailer business tools only produce individual account reports — without a more aggregated view of the business,” said Chris Carl, DTN director, agribusiness. “DTN Sense makes ‘sense’ out of a retailer’s order and customer data, showing important business insights and sales opportunities.”

Unlike manual, time-consuming processes and outdated systems, DTN Sense enables retailers to save time and focus it on customers.

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