Driving Value Through Machine Data

Driving Value Through Machine Data

Telematics data is readily becoming common place thanks to smart edge devices in ag equipment. Many groups have begun storing and quantifying this data set with the hopes of better understanding the machine. However, the value of that data has yet to be realized.


Driving value must be at the core of data collection. Many groups that are gathering the machine data are struggling at the depth and size of the data sets and have simply stored it with hopes of looking at it in the future.

Uptake at its core focuses on driving value through the analysis of machine data. Inside the CAN-bus is a wealth of information pertaining to the machines current and historical behavior. A prime example of how data creates value is Carfax in the automotive industry. Carfax describes the vehicle’s history and it is very useful in car buying decisions. CAN-bus data could provide yet more comprehensive machine history in the ag industry.

Besides understanding what conditions the machine operated or how it was maintained, it is important to keep the machine running and prevent unplanned failures during critical times. The tweet below sums up the frustration and annoyance that can occur when this doesn’t happen.

Giving those hours back to growers is paramount since time is money. The many sensors placed on the machine provide a comprehensive view of equipment health and the data needed to predict failures before they happen. Imagine a day where you receive an alert and before you have time to pick up the phone your retailer has the part on order or in stock and calls to find out what time is best to perform the repair.

Construction has already begun realizing the benefits of IoT enable by telematics data. Uptake has been a key driver in that endeavor with its construction partner. The potential for better service delivery, warranties, and ease of service needs to be brought to the ag retailer market, as well as the grower. Streamlining reporting and automation will only improve relationships that equipment dealers have with their growers.

In the end, predictive maintenance, operator and machine scorecards, full vehicle history, retailer maintenance and warranty programs are changing the ag machinery market and driving value back to growers worldwide.

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