CropX Garners Round Of Investment

CropX Garners Round Of Investment

CropX today announced that global leaders in the sensor manufacturing space-Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC) and the Flex technology accelerator, Lab IX-have invested in the company. Already serving 20 top farms across the United States, CropX plans to use the strategic partnerships to accelerate product development and rapidly expand market adoption. In tandem, CropX also unveiled a new version of its proven soil sensors that drastically reduces installation time.


“The CropX adaptive irrigation platform has become a core component of our business model and has had an enormous impact on our bottom line – in water and fertilizer cost savings, as well as in crop yield improvement. The ability to cost-effectively automate the entire irrigation process, from data collection to actual irrigation, is a game changer as leaders in the agriculture industry look to increase sustainability, productivity and crop yield,” noted Jon-Michael J. Nahon, managing principal and head of market operations for Integrated Ag Financial. “With CropX, farms can start small and quickly scale thanks to the platform’s flexibility. We’ve been able to rapidly increase sensor usage across hundreds of acres of our fields in just one growing season and are fully automating our entire irrigation system across thousands of acres this year.”

Disruptive Innovation

CropX’s proprietary science helps farmers better understand water usage across their fields. Its low-cost soil sensors can increase crop yields while simultaneously cutting water usage by one third. In just one irrigation season, CropX sensors were installed on thousands of acres of all major row crops and demonstrated immense value, with early customers across the United States reporting dramatic water, manpower and cost savings, as well as massive crop yield gains. During the current growing season, CropX technology will be rolled out across hundreds of thousands of acres.

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