Connecting Technology And Agriculture Key To Integrity Ag Group’s Success

Connecting Technology And Agriculture Key To Integrity Ag Group’s Success

Intuicom, Inc., a premier supplier of wireless solutions to the precision agriculture industry, has announced that Integrity Ag Group, a Certified Intuicom Reseller based in Murray, KY, is quickly establishing themselves as a progressive thought leader and precision agricultural resource in America’s heartland.


Connecting Technology and Agriculture is more than just a tagline for Heath Conklin and his team at Integrity Ag Group. “We are in the connectivity business,” Conklin emphasizes. “It centers on the cellular RTK package we can deliver. We can use a single cell plan to send off telematics, file transfer data or vehicle data. We take data and turn it into useful information.”

Many farmers still believe that they are required to purchase or subscribe to a separate network to access the necessary RTK corrections to achieve the accuracy they desire. Dealers like Integrity Ag Group are challenging that proprietary strategy with technology that helps break the restrictions that farmers have had to contend with. They are not alone in their pursuit of expanded functionality and flexibility. As an alternative to dealer-based radio networks, private companies like DigiFarm and MyWay RTK have been investing in reference stations that provide cellular RTK corrections at a fraction of the cost of investing in a base station or multiple subscription plans.

With its wide array of communication capabilities, the RTK Bridge-X is capable of facilitating unequalled access to user’s data and network RTK corrections. Able to secure cellular connections where other devices cannot, the RTK Bridge-X serves as a WiFi hotspot delivering Internet access to all the user’s wireless devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, all in the comfort of the operator’s cab.

“We’re a solution-based company, not a color-based company,” says Conklin, of Integrity Ag Group. “We don’t care what color you have on your farm. If you’ve got a mixed fleet, you’re our kind of guy. Intuicom’s product strategy, and specifically their RTK Bridge-X, complements our business approach quite well. This partnership gives us access to technology that can help provide our customers additional options to efficiently access and use their data.”

“Being a small, young company, first impressions are key to our success,” emphasizes Conklin. “We can’t afford to put shoddy products on the market. We need to have the best products available, and that’s the reason we push with Intuicom.”