AgGateway Chair: Precision Ag Entering ‘A New Era For Solutions’

AgGateway Chair: Precision Ag Entering ‘A New Era For Solutions’

New standards, models and other resources to help growers more easily manage their field data have been introduced by AgGateway, a nonprofit consortium of agribusinesses, according to an article on


“We’re entering a new era for solutions in precision ag,” said Mike Santostefano, chair of AgGateway’s Precision Agriculture Council. “The hard work continues, but we have already released or are close to releasing a number of important resources that will significantly aid in data exchange and management for growers.

Among the new AgGateway resources is an open-source agricultural-data-application programming toolkit for interoperability. It was made available to the public in February and is now being adopted by Farm Management Information Systems developers and terminal manufacturers. Documents for field operations have been made available through the AgGateway data-application programming model and continue to be enhanced, according to the consortium.

Also available are documentation from the standardized precision-agriculture data exchange project for interoperability and new irrigation standards from a precision-agriculture-irrigation language project. AgGateway continues to work in the areas of crop scouting, crop nutrition, telematics and commodity grain movement.

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