A Quest For Ag Data ROI

A Quest For Ag Data ROI

Many articles have been written about the potential value of ag data, writes farm data attorney Todd Janzen in his latest blog post on Linkedin.


But the immediate question for farmers trying to decide whether to invest in an ag data product this year is what is the immediate return on investment (ROI)?

Listening to grower panels at precision ag events has convinced me that most farmers still don’t know what the ROI is for most ag data products on the market.

To determine the ROI, first you have to look at the cost. Until now, companies that have stored and analyzed ag data for farmers have used 4 different pricing models:

  1. Freemium entry-level products with premium paid-for products. Many companies offer 2 levels of ag data storage and analytics, a free basic plan that is designed to showcase some of their offerings, and a premium version that has more features. Others accomplish this same freemium/premium model with free trial periods.

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