2011 Precision Product Review: Ag Leader

2011 Precision Product Review: Ag Leader

Improving nitrogen efficiency is a prominent trend in agriculture, and Ag Leader is providing innovative technology to meet growing market demand. OptRx is a crop sensor that measures and records data necessary to determine the impact of nutrients, water, disease and other growing conditions on a crop in real-time. Lori Costello, marketing communications manager for Ag Leader, explains: “With OptRx crop sensors, users can create a nitrogen prescription that adjusts the rate of application, putting the nitrogen exactly where it is needed. In return, growers can maximize their profit potential and avoid excessive nitrogen rates common to uniform rate applications.”


ParaDyme is another notable Ag Leader product to help operators increase their bottom line. This automated steering system features a dual-antenna roof module to achieve steering with sub-inch accuracy. “One of the great benefits of the ParaDyme is that it is CORS-compatible,” Costello adds. “With a built-in cell modem, the ParaDyme allows growers to access an RTK correction signal through the cellular CORS network.”

Finally, Ag Leader has expanded its SMS Mobile capabilities by introducing SMS Mobile PC. SMS Mobile PC allows growers to use this valuable software on any portable device that can run a Windows operating system, such as XP, Vista or Windows 7. “Growers will appreciate having the flexibility to utilize SMS Mobile capabilities on their laptops, tablets and netbooks,” says Costello.

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