CropMetrics Releases Latest Variable Rate Irrigation Software

CropMetrics Releases Latest Variable Rate Irrigation Software

Made for growers, by growers, CropMetrics creates easy-to-use software that can be integrated with current precision ag software. The latest product, VRI 2.0 is a cloud-based software designed to adapt any grower and field to Variable Rate Irrigation – Speed or Zone control. VRI allows growers to match water with other important inputs such as seed and nitrogen, irrigating smarter to maximize for yield and profit.


Available now, VRI 2.0 is advanced yet simple to use technology that allows full control of VRI capabilities and fully integrates with other CropMetrics products such as soil moisture probes and the Virtual Optimizer Pro irrigation scheduling solution. Applying the optimal water application depth to varying soil types and/or topography, at the right time and right place, is the key to increase water use efficiency, improve yields, and maximize profitability.

The easy-to-use web based software lets you set up your field parameters and pivot details in minutes. Start with automated NRCS SSURGO soil zones on any field or easily import shapefile management zones from your current precision ag software program, with no restrictions on compatibility. This unique feature allows growers to match water with other important inputs such as seed and nitrogen, while also taking advantage of management zones already utilized in other parts of your operation. Thanks to integration with other CropMetrics tools, such as moisture probes, weather forecasting and crop modeling, the software has the option to update your recommended irrigation rates throughout the growing season. The new proprietary ‘Virtual Profiles’ allows a user to adjust available water content to match the soil profile and current crop rooting development of each zone while providing flexibility as needed.

Other features include the ability to upload in-season imagery from drones, planes or satellites to react to changing conditions as they occur. Most importantly, full service local support is available from our established network of over 200 highly trained CropMetrics Precision Data Specialists across the U.S., with dealer arms in Mexico and South America.

“We are extremely excited to announce the release of the our new VRI software, which was designed with growers in mind first,” said CropMetrics CEO and farmer, Nick Emanuel. “There is a lot of new technology and data software becoming available to growers, but if we don’t make it easy to use, while integrating each of the necessary tools, then it makes it difficult for growers and consultants to adapt to their current practices. Our goal was to allow our leading precision irrigation solutions to be used in conjunction with the grower’s current management practices to maximize the total systems approach while improving water use efficiency and increasing yields.”

VRI is now available for $5/irrigated acre including localized agronomic support from one of the CropMetrics certified Precision Data Specialists. For the more advanced growers, there is also a “do it yourself” option and pricing available which can be purchased directly from the Virtual Optimizer website. Perfect timing for the software, as growing and irrigation season approaches and you look to optimize this year’s yields and maximize profit in a year with tighter margins. The new software is available to anyone interested in trying VRI, and allows you to see what a VRI Rx for your field would look like before purchasing. After purchase, the full data and controller export capabilities are unlocked.


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