Smart Vineyards Set to Revolutionize Wine-making Smart Vineyards Set to Revolutionize Wine-making

Phil Asmundson is by no means a veteran viticulturist, but a half-dozen years ago, after watching his wife and business partner, Kim, auguring soil samples, he recalls turning to her and saying, “No offense, but there’s got to be a better way.”


And so began the Asmundsons’ quest to farm a 20-acre high-tech vineyard in Willcox, AZ, designed to produce ultra-premium wines. The term “high-tech” doesn’t do Deep Sky Vineyard justice, however. In fact, it is managed by a company called so that once it is up and going, it could potentially be run with only minimal input from the grower — if that’s what the grower wants.

For example, they’re going to let handle all facets of irrigation this coming year. It seemed like a logical next step after seeing the results of implementing the system in 2016.

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