AgEagle takes on the Big Boys with RX48 Fixed Wing Drone

AgEagle takes on the Big Boys with RX48 Fixed Wing Drone

AgEagle Aerial Systems of Neodesha, KS, today announced a fixed wing drone for the use in precision agriculture that far exceeds the capabilities of most multirotor drones.


“The AgEagle RX48 beats Chinese drones in performance, quality and value,” said Bret Chilcott, founder of AgEagle, in a press release announcing the new drone. “It boasts a true NIR global shutter sensor that is capable of creating extremely accurate prescription maps for the application of chemicals and nutrients from a precision application tractor. The AgEagle fixed wing drone covers many more acres than multirotor drones and it does it more efficiently. In fact 300 acres or more is a typical field for the AgEagle RX48 to cover and it can be done in about any weather conditions.”

The company says that just because it is only weighs 4 pounds does not mean that it is any less robust that the original AgEagle. It is manufactured from a very durable polypropylene material covered with a composite layer of extruded polypropylene and carbon fiber rods imbedded in the wing and fuselage.

“We heard agricultural professionals loud and clear,” explains Chillcot. “They want their UAV/drone to cover many more acres than the typical multirotor are capable of; they want it to be more reliable and also to be rugged as well, but they don’t want to pay the typical high costs of agricultural systems. Most importantly, they want actionable data that can be used in precision farming equipment. Actionable data is the key focus of the RX48. Post flight images are conveniently stored on a micro SD that can be uploaded for processing post flight. Or optionally, AgEagle claims to be the only UAV manufacturer to offer Version LTE data inflight image transfer for rapid processing of aerial images. This means, according to the company, that while the RX48 flies, images are transferred through the LTE data system so the creation of aerial maps is done rapidly and automatically leaving the agricultural professionals to focus on increasing crop yields rather than processing aerial images.”

Image processing is done through BOTLINK. Botlink provides the best and the most cost-effective aerial image processing in the industry, AgEagle claims.

“We are proud to be associated with a company like BOTLINK who understands agriculture and brings a sense of Midwestern culture to the data processing side of our business,” said Chillcott. “While Chinese multirotor drones are a good solution for small fields, they are not a good solution for professional agronomists who needs to cover hundreds of acres or even thousands per day. Hands down, the American built AgEagle RX48 is more suited for agricultural use than multirotor drones,” adds Chilcott. “Because AgEagle is totally focused on manufacturing ‘Tractor Tough’ fixed wing drones, agricultural professionals can trust that the AgEagle will hold up to daily rugged use. The RX48 is a clear winner for farmers and agronomists.”