Welcome to the Newly Enhanced PrecisionAg.com

Welcome to the Newly Enhanced PrecisionAg.com

Talk a quick look around our website and we hope you’ll notice it’s significantly different as we head into 2017 – PrecisionAg.com is now the Global Hub for Ag Tech Innovation. It’s a roll-up of the best we can offer in coverage of ag technology from all markets served by Meister Media Worldwide, and we think you’re going to find it to be an indispensable and unmatched source of information and news in the months and years ahead.


You’ll still find plenty of U.S. grower and retailer case studies and new technology stories and analyses that have sustained this site since its launch during the dawn of site-specific farming in the 1990s. But we’ve also dramatically widened the scope of our coverage as “precision” has caught fire to include horticulture technology and other areas around the world.

  • Professionals is the place to find information that is of greatest interest to ag retailers, precision consultants, equipment dealers, and other service suppliers including Tools & Smart Equipment, Grower Services & Solutions, Business Management, and more. This section is the online home for a new publication called PrecisionAg® Professional, produced by the editors of CropLife® magazine. Be sure to sign up to ensure you receive our new PrecisionAg Professional Update, delivered weekly via email, and if you qualify, PrecisionAg Professional magazine. (And incidentally, if you are a precision ag professional, please consider becoming a member of PrecisionAg Insiders and lend us your thoughts on how we can make our web offering as valuable as we can to help improve your precision business.)
  • Systems Management rolls together information about all the major technology pieces across major row-crop precision agriculture much as a good comprehensive precision platform would. Here you’ll find topical breakdowns into Guidance, Imagery and Sensing, Decision Support Software, Data Management, Variable Rate Application, and Sensors and Internet of Things.
  • A new section called Hort Tech is produced in conjunction with PrecisionAg’s colleagues at GrowingProduce.com in the U.S. and Hortalizas.com in Mexico, both of which are covering rapid advances in horticulture technology through the Meister Media brands American Fruit Grower® and Western Fruit Grower®, American Vegetable Grower®, Florida Grower®, and Productores de Hortalizas®. In this section you’ll find topical breakdowns into Precision Irrigation, Robotics and other Labor Savers, UAVs, Packing and Postharvest, and Traceability and Food Safety.

And while you’re here, please also note that we’ve provided easy access to the PrecisionAg Learning Center, which will continue to grow with online-learning and CEU-earning opportunities as we make our way through 2017; the PrecisionAg Institute, which is dedicated to helping service providers better serve and understand growers’ precision attitudes and needs to help drive increased adoption; and the year-round websites for PrecisionAg events including the PrecisionAg Vision Conference and the PrecisionAg Innovation Series.

It’s exciting days for precision agriculture and ag technology in general. We hope you’ll find the newly improved PrecisionAg.com to be up to the task of keeping you on top of all that this new technology has to offer. In the meantime, be sure to sign up for PrecisionAg Professional Update, and please consider becoming a member of PrecisionAg Insiders.

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