Yetter Introduces The Checker For Planters

Yetter Introduces The Checker For Planters

The row-unit and planter leveling system is designed to reduce the potential for spring planting delays and helps eliminate the possibility of costly mistakes.


“With the 1200 Series Checker, farmers and dealerships are able to quickly and correctly make complete planter inspections and perform adjustments,” said Jim Lascelles, a Yetter service representative.

The Checker setup includes a row-unit adjuster that is placed under the row unit. The all-steel adjuster provides a platform on which to make adjustments to each row unit and its attachments.

The second component of the system is a bevel box—a digital protractor that senses whether the surface it is resting on is level at 180 degrees. Non-level readings are indicated by a plus or minus symbol followed by the degree of adjustment necessary to reach level.

To operate the 1200 Series Checker, turn on the bevel box and place it on the planter frame. Push the zero button, and then transfer the box to the row-unit platform. Turning a knob on the Checker adjusts the row-unit platform to match the planter frame. When the bevel box reads zero, the Checker and the planter frame are parallel.

“Achieving the right adjustment in both the planter frame and row units is critical if producers want to achieve maximum performance from their residue managers, coulters, disc openers, and other attachments,” said Lascelles.

One of the biggest benefits 1200 Series Checker from Yetter provides is time during planting. Producers can complete these once time-consuming steps during the off-season, saving them precious in-field planting time.

The Checker is compatible with all row-unit mounted residue managers, coulters and closing wheel options. Producers can set row cleaners to the desired depth; set no-till coulters with precision; check and adjust double-disk openers; inspect, align, and adjust seed tubes and firmers; and center rubber, cast, or spiked closing wheels with the seed trench.