Slick, Powerful Solar Charger Delivers Solid Reserve Power

Slick, Powerful Solar Charger Delivers Solid Reserve Power

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The Sun Power 3000 unit is chunkier than my Galaxy smartphone, but very manageable as a portable unit.

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My Galaxy USB charge cord goes into the unit and, with the push of a button on the back of the charger, begins the charging process.

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The yellow plate on the back acts as a stand for the unit, or when pulled out all the way can be used as a hook. the silver button activates the charger, as well as a built in flashlight.

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The yellow plate as a stand…

IMG_7150 x

… and as a hook to hang off a rearview mirror.

IMG_7153 x

Two clicks of the silver button on the back turns on a flashlight.

I don’t always own the latest technology available – ask my kids, I am notoriously cheap. But what I do have, I tend to push to the limit. I’m always burning through battery power, and on the road it can be a challenge to keep accessible power at the ready when I need it.

A company called Secur sent me a sample of a charging unit it’s offering called the Sun Power 3000. The MSRP on the unit is $78.00, but there are probably some better deals on electronic retailers out there.

The unit can charge most portable units, including tablets, smartphones, cameras, MP3 players, etc., and features what the company calls “ultra-high efficiency solar panels that deliver up to four times the charging power of traditional solar panels.” I could tell by walking it around to different areas of the office that this unit is hungry for light and uses whatever spectrum is available to charge itself.

It comes with a USB cord for charging off a computer or other USB power source. It also has an Apple adapter, so the unit can charge off any device designed to charge an iPhone.

A nice feature is the flip-out back plate that doubles as a table easel for holding the product upright, and when fully extended as a hanger for placing the unit on a rear view mirror.

Finally, there’s a four-LED lightbar that provides emergency illumination.

I put it through its paces and found it to be a reliable and useful instrument for all charging purposes.

For more information on the product and other charger units, visit the Secur site.


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