Hagie Rigs Add NORAC Height Control

Hagie Rigs Add NORAC Height Control

NORAC, Inc., Fridley, MN, and Hagie Manufacturing Company, Clarion, IA, recently unveiled the new Hagie 120′ UpFront boom featuring integrated NORAC Spray Height Control. This boom is a completely new design for Hagie, and incorporates new technology from NORAC that further enhances boom performance. The center pivot design and rugged truss style booms allow the NORAC to adjust the boom without fighting boom flex. The combination of these designs essentially decouples the boom motion from the sprayer frame and suspension activity. This results in greater spray height accuracy and boom ride.


“We are thrilled with the performance results of this joint project with Hagie,” says Steve Sveum, General Manager of the US Division of NORAC, Inc. “This design will create markets for 120′ booms where severe terrain had previously prevented their use.”

Shane Williams, Hagie Sales Manager, added that “operators will see much greater efficiency when applying than was ever thought possible prior to the release of this new boom. They will be able to confidently spray 120′ per pass with tips set to proper height over challenging terrain, all without compromising ground speed.”

The companies plan to display and demo this technology at several upcoming farm shows this summer and fall. For more information, contact Hagie at 1-800-247-4885, or NORAC, Inc. at 1-866-306-6722.