Grabbit Tool: Smart Enough To Make Our List

Grabbit Tool: Smart Enough To Make Our List

As the release from its manufacturer stated with deadly accuracy, “no longer are you obligated to use the ineffective, often torn (often cursed) grommet.”


Offered in three sizes (20″ Long Grabbit, 6″ EZ Grabbit and 1.5″ Mini Grabbit), Grabbits allow you to mount tarps to structures, seam multiple tarps together, replace torn grommets, and firmly and reliably grab tarps anywhere — all in seconds.

Using the patented technology of “linear grappling” the two-piece Grabbits are remarkably easy to use. Simply place the “dogbone” piece precisely where you want to grab the tarp, roll the tarp around the dogbone, and slide the sleeve over the dogbone. A simple tug on a leader rope engages the two pieces together, trapping the tarp and creating a high-strength hold.

The dogbone can also be screw-mounted to an exterior wall, fence or vehicle allowing instant cover area for: equipment, supplies, livestock, feed, construction projects, disaster recovery, pet runs, sporting events, entertaining and campsites.

Grabbing a tarp over a linear edge distributes the load, allowing users to secure their tarps tightly without risk of tearing. Grabbits work equally well with: poly tarps, canvas tarps, plastic sheeting, linens, vinyl signs/banners, mosquito netting, burlap, landscape fabric — any pliable fabric.

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