Cool Technology Leads New Challenger Cab Features

Cool Technology Leads New Challenger Cab Features

The advanced features on the new restyled Challenger MT700C, MT800C and MT900C Series track and articulated tractors focus on operator functions for optimum user comfort, convenience and control.


A redesigned cab has put command of the machine at the operator’s fingertips. Using the all-new Challenger Tractor Management Center (TMC) monitor, nearly every tractor or implement function can be quickly controlled and modified to suit a variety of operating conditions. All operational controls are ergonomically placed on the TMC, directly to the operator’s right, to provide maximum comfort and greater ease of use.

One of the most revolutionary new features of the “C” series is the integrated ISOBUS control system, which uses the TCM as the operator interface. With the vast amount of data available today, this new information technology helps to optimize productivity and performance of the tractor and its implements.

“Challenger is leading the industry in integrating ISOBUS into our on-board control center. All Challenger MT700C, MT800C and MT900C Series models are fully ISOBUS compliant as standard,” says Jason Hoult, product marketing manager for Challenger track and articulated tractors. “ISOBUS is the future of electronic communications in agriculture, and the “C” Series Challenger tractors are leading the way.”

The ISOBUS design provides several advantages. Simplicity in wiring designs and electronic signals makes use and service more intuitive. The single TMC monitor controls all functions of the tractor, implements and guidance systems.

The Challenger ISOBUS system coordinates and records all data from the tractor and implements and transfers it to a computer, making it much easier to utilize the information gathered in the field.

Users are also able to use any ISOBUS compliant tractor with any ISOBUS compliant implement, no matter the manufacturer without extra adaptors, monitors, or patches. By standardizing machinery hookups, the tractor and implement work seamlessly together.

Fingertip Control

The TCM puts key functions on the console near the operator, and makes them easy to use. The Power Management feature, which can be activated with the push of a button, automatically coordinates engine speed with the transmission, allowing the tractor to operate as efficiently as possible. This allows the tractor to maintain the most productive engine speed and transmission gear.

Helping to maintain consistent engine speeds goes one step further with an engine speed switch that allows the operator to preset two speeds. “Using memory settings, operators can maintain optimal, consistent engine speeds in PTO operations or for different settings during headland turns,” Hoult explains.

Through the One-Touch headland management system, headland operation is made simpler as well, because sequences can be preprogrammed in or modified on screen without having to re-record the entire sequence. The sequence is activated, paused or restarted at the touch of a button.

Finally, the Challenger “C” Series features an all new hydraulic system with six fingertip controls. An all-new valve stack provides more versatility with higher, finer adjustable flow rates and interchangeable valve sizes for any implement.

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