Claas Extends Precision Farming Offering

Claas Extends Precision Farming Offering

To enable use of automatic steering systems where a real time kinematics (RTK) correction signal is either limited or not available, Claas has developed the RTK Field Base mobile reference system.

Claas RTK Field base

Claas RTK Field Base mobile reference system.

Claimed to deliver the same accuracy as stationary transmitters, the system has a two-frequency GPS and Glonass receiver to ensure a high level of precision and reliability.

With a maximum deviation of 20-30mm (0.8-1.2in), the quality of the correction signal can compete with that of stationary transmitters, says the firm’s Easy product manager Edward Miller.

The Field Base run time is 20 hours and signal range is said to be 3-5km, depending on topography and radio signal legislation.

Where permitted, an extended range – up to 40km – can be achieved through the use of an external radio kit.

For use ‘anywhere and anytime’, wherever correction signal reception is weak or non-existent the system’s compact size and tripod construction means it is easy to transport and set up, says Claas.

The device is supported by international standards, including the RTCM 3.X correction signal format, enabling the system to be used to support mixed machine fleets as well as Claas machines.

The signal can be used by an unlimited number of machines within its range without licensing fees for transmission being incurred.

Available now, the RTK Field Base costs £7,900.

Full ISOBUS Control With S10 Terminal

The operating spectrum of the Claas S10 universal precision farming terminal has been extended to include ‘section control’ and ‘task management’ Isobus functions, meaning it is now possible to control all Isobus functions via a single terminal.

Claas Easy product manager Edward Miller says: “Although in the past the S10 terminal could be used to control, adjust and optimise Isobus-compatible implements during use, via the S10 display, these additional control functions provide the operator with an even greater range of options.”

The integration of task management will be of particular interest to larger operators and contractors, says Claas, offered with two specification levels – TC Basic and TC Geo.

Detailed jobs for individual fields can be created in the office using almost any farm management software, before being transferred to the tractor.

If necessary, the operator can change task data via the S10 terminal at any time.

In addition, task management TC Geo enables creation of geo-referenced job data, either as a planned application map for seed or fertiliser or recording an ‘as applied’ map.

All new S10 features are available for existing terminals. There are no changes in hardware required, says Claas, the only requirements are a software update and purchase of the chosen options.

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